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Susan Kare Poster

Feb. 2022 - Communications Studio II

This informational poster is about my design hero, Susan Kare, who became popular for creating the first Mac's icons. For this project, I balanced the necessary informational elements with metaphors and imagery.

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Typeface Animation

Dec. 2022 - Communications Studio Mini

This minute-long typographic animation was created to tell the story of a typeface. I created a script for the video, and then animated that text.

Typeface Spread

Nov. 2022 - Communications Studio Mini

In this project, I chose a typeface, and created a spread to tell its story. I created the concept and text for the spread, and aligned it on a given grid.

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Typographic Poster

Oct. 2022 - Communications Studio Mini

For this poster, I was given text to use about a local event. I had to apply principles of hierarchy to arrange them and create a poster advertising the event.

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System Map Describing a Wicked Problem

Sept. - Oct. 2022 - Design Studies: Systems

This group project resulted in a systems map about the declining pollinator population. My role in this project included researching, helping to create the systems map, and making all of the icons on our poster.

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Designing Forms for Interaction

Sept. - Oct. 2022 - Products Studio Mini

This video summarizes my work in a 7 week long Products Studio course, and the process I used to develop forms.

Old Floor Plan Maps Proposal for Redesigned System

Proposal for Redesign - University Maps

Apr. 2022 - Design Studies: Experiences

This is a proposal for turning my school's existing floorplan maps into usable maps all put into an app. This would allow students to navigate campus easier, and find classrooms and routes.

Modular Structures

Apr. 2022 - Design Lab

This group project consisted of making small scale models of spaces and structures using modular design with flat pieces to create form.

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A starfish with one clay model and one Paper model A computer mouse with one foam model and one clay model A hybrid form of the mouse and starfish A hybrid form of the mouse and starfish

Natural and Manmade Modelling

Mar. 2022 - Design Lab

In this project, I explored different methods of 3D modelling to replicate a starfish and a computer mouse, and then create a hybrid form based on their properties.

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Endangered Animal Animation

Feb. 2022 - Design Lab

This animation was created to show the behavior of the endangered Horseshoe Crab in a short 15 second animation with sounds we created.

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Endangered Animal Poster

Jan. 2022 - Design Lab

This poster is to create awareness for the endangered Atlantic Horseshoe Crab, and to show the animal in its natural habitat.

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Paper Lamp

Nov. 2021 - Survey of Design

In this project, I created a lamp made out of paper for our studio space, specifically for lighting my desk. I explored both form, and material qualities.

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Short Instructional Video on Adhesives

Nov. 2021 - Survey of Design

The goal for this project was to create a one minute instructional video on a given topic (how to use adhesives) which is both informative and enjoyable.

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Cardboard Ink Storage Box

Oct. 2021 - Survey of Design

In this project, I was tasked with creating a storage container for design supplies which could be easily disassembled.

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image of an intersection grayscale paper recreation of the intersection grayscale and spot color recreation of the intersection

Representation of an Intersection

Sept. 2021 - Survey of Design

This project involved visiting an intersection, and using cut out grayscale paper to represent the place. We also used color to convey the emotions of the place.

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Two laser cut notebook covers with colored paper sshowing through

Laser Cut Notebook Covers

Nov. 2019 - Personal Project

I designed patterns to cut out of mini notebook covers to fit on a pre-existing 4 by 5.5 inch notebook with a colored paper insert.

Laser cut ornaments

Laser Cut Ornaments

Nov. 2019 - Personal Project

I digitally designed and then laser cut holiday ornaments from wood to sell at a craft fair.